Carnaby helps you Hatch, delivering targeted Director education and mentoring programs with an events program that connects and nourishes individual networks.

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Director On Board Education Program (October 2023)

Carnaby’s Hatch Director Onboard Program has been developed to support aspiring and emerging Directors by delivering practical and relevant tools to help leaders commence their journey into the boardroom. The Hatch program delivers information to participants through workshops and briefing sessions, curated mentoring and practical activities so participants discover their full potential and graduate as board-ready leaders.

At this session you will learn hot to articulate your “value proposition” and understand your particular offering to Boards which is essential for success.

Hatch participants will be able to foster new connections and build their own networks in a supportive and inclusive environment. Targeted Hatch programs can be delivered to diverse audiences as required, such as female executives, aspiring indigenous directors and other diverse groups, with tailored content that meets the specific needs of each group.

The Hatch Director OnBoard Program typically consists of:

  • Four (4) Interactive and practical 2.5 hour workshops, facilitated weekly (evenings)
  • Flock – a focused Director networking event. pm)
  • Dates: October 10, 17, 24 and 31.  (5.30pm to 7.30pm – First session on the 3 October will end at 8.00pm) 
  • Venue: Kings Park 

Attendance to all dates is compulsory to complete the course.

Delivery can be flexible, including intensive 1- 2 day workshops, to meet the needs of individuals and organisations catering for larger group.

Workshop 1 – Understand Your Why

Why do you want to be a director? Explore your motivations, the types of boards to consider according to your values, experience and board goals, and learn how to take the first step in your board journey. An introduction to the strategy, tactics and work that is required for you to be successful.  

Workshop 2 – Define Your Director Brand

Reputation is important – learn how to articulate your brand, develop your value proposition and understand the tools required to network strategically and build on your presence in the boardroom.

Workshop 3 – Develop Your Director Toolkit

Understand what a Director CV is, how to craft a board profile and how to communicate your unique value.  Discover how important your networks can be, learn how to prepare for a Board interview, and build the confidence to promote yourself as a board ready candidate.

Workshop 4 – Find Your Board Role

The final workshop consolidates all the learnings from previous sessions and provides practical advice on where to find your Board role. Learn about the databases, the tactics to get in front of Board Chairs and other useful insights from a recruiter and experienced Company Director.

Flock Event – a focused Director networking event

Benefit from an opportunity to meet and network with senior board chairs and directors in Perth, in a professional environment. This session includes a Director Briefing Session facilitated by an expert speaker on a chosen topic focused on a contemporary issue facing Boards.


Mentoring Program (Fully booked)

At Carnaby we aim to provide boutique mentoring solutions that support senior executives to Soar. We do this through our tailored group mentoring programmes that provide participants with tangible and practical career tools, access to our curated list of highly respected and experienced mentors and the opportunity to build peer-to-peer networks.

Group Mentoring (Fully booked)

Carnaby’s group mentoring programs are designed to provide coaching on key topics for emerging directors, whilst building networks and raising profiles in a trusted, safe and secure environment. Group mentoring programs are guided by expert mentors and provide the opportunity for participants to leverage the value of a small peer to peer network.

Group mentoring programs run over a period of 6 months and include 4 group mentoring sessions on specific topics with a maximum of 8 people per session. Participants in each programme are also expected to attend the Carnaby Flock event and are encouraged to organise a second event as a group where they can further develop their connection as a mentoring alumni group.

Carnaby offers three levels of group mentoring designed to cater for individuals at all levels of their executive careers.

Soar - Build

Designed for those seeking to build their executive leadership career, Soar – Build delivers participants concrete tools to support them as they build their careers.  Topics covered in the four sessions include:

  1. Build – Session one where each participant is at in their stage of career. The first workshop will explore the importance of career planning and participants will develop an understanding of their career goals and how to articulate their unique offering.

  2. Network – Session two supports participants to network productively, helping them to identify the right forums aligned to their career path and equip them with the tools to network effectively.

  3. Speak- In Session three participants will learn how to get their voice heard, and their opinions respected. The workshop will focus on practical tools to support participants to understand the role of influence and communication techniques to influence stakeholders and enhance career goals.

  4. Polish – Session three will focus on the importance of personal presentation. First impressions count and this workshop will focus on helping participants to make the right choice in order to make the right impact.

Soar - Flourish

People who already hold senior executive or leadership positions will appreciate the content of Soar – Flourish.  Designed for those who already have some years in their chosen career, topics covered will provide participants with the tools and confidence to further grow their careers.

  1. The Art of Promotion – participants will learn how to recognize ‘Apprenticeship Syndrome’ and avoid getting pigeonholed or stuck in their careers. Session one will focus on how to prepare for annual performance reviews, develop a set of KPI’s that make a meaningful contribution to your career and how to position yourself for that promotion.

  2. Show me the money – Session two will focus on supporting participants to articulate their worth to an organisation and get the money they deserve. How do you benchmark yourself inside your organisation or ask for a salary increase?

  3. Circle of Influence – advanced networking tips for use inside and outside your organisation. Participants will learn how to build their own career network and how to get recognized by those who matter.  We teach you how to work out who needs to be impressed and why.

  4. Difficult conversations – in the final session participants will learn how to navigate difficult conversations with supervisors and their direct reports using clear and unemotional language. How to be the bitch without earning the label.

Soar - Transform

Designed for executives who have held established leadership positions, Soar – Transform is designed to support those that have recently separated from an employer or are looking to change up their careers. 

  1. Taking Stock – Session one will focus on helping participants to articulate their career achievements and unique offering.

  2. Swings and Roundabouts – Session two will explore what to do when life throws you a curve ball. How do you see the opportunity when it feels like the world is crumbling around you?  Participants will learn how to look for silver linings.

  3. Resilience – Session three will focus on resilience – how you build it, how you maintain it and how not to sweat the small stuff.

  4. Creating a new life – participants will create their own plan about where to next. This group workshop will help participants to develop a clear plan about what they can do next in their career pathway, and consider whether full time, part time or a portfolio career might be best for you.

Individual Mentoring (Fully booked)

We also provide individual mentoring matching for existing directors, senior executives and aspiring directors, where each participant is matched with a highly experienced director where they can share their skills, experience, and expertise following a formal mentoring programme.  Mentors are provided with the Carnaby mentoring framework (which Bronwyn will write in her spare time one day very soon) to ensure that both mentors and mentees work to a structured framework to ensure quantifiable outcomes. 

Please contact Carnaby directly to discuss your individual mentoring needs and we can match you with a mentor and design your bespoke mentoring framework for you.


Events Program​​

Flock events will showcase a diverse range of expert speakers and panellists, addressing current and emerging issues for modern, experienced Directors and leaders.

When delivered as a part of a Hatch program, Flock events are exclusive invitation-only events for Hatch participants with a curated guest list of Chairs and Directors which provide a unique opportunity to network within the local community of boards and Directors.

In the future, Flock events will also bring Hatch and Soar alumni together with high performing Directors and C-Suites and the wider Director community, to facilitate introductions and grow in a collegiate environment.


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